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The superannuation system has changed

The super system is changing for the better—and it affects you as an employer. As of 1 November, an employee’s super account will follow them whenever they move jobs. 

This is called ‘stapling’ because it connects a person’s super account to them wherever they go. If a new employee doesn’t choose a super fund, you now have to log on to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) ‘online services for business’ to request the details of their stapled super fund for them.

Requesting someone’s stapled super fund details is fast and easy, and by doing this one simple thing you’ll be helping to stop people doubling up on super accounts—saving Australians billions in fees and insurances and helping everyone make the most of their retirement income! 

Watch the recording of our Your Future, Your Super Webinar to see the most common questions about the super reform, answered.

Also, download one of the printable posters below for your workplace’s lunchroom to help employees understand the reforms, and make the most of their super.

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