First Nations Foundation has a range of projects and resources for individuals, financial educators and corporate partners, all with the unifying goal of improving the financial literacy and prosperity of Indigenous Australians.


Tomorrow Money

Tomorrow Money is our financial wellbeing hub designed to educate and empower First Nations people to take control of their financial future. It’s full of resources, guides and helpful articles that cover everything from home ownership to super to credit and debt.


My Money Dream

My Money Dream is our award-winning online financial literacy training program created by First Nations people, for First Nations people. The program is designed to help build the skills needed for financial security and future prosperity.
It is available to individuals, employers, and mentors and community organisations.


On Country professional resources

On Country is the professional hub of My Money Dream. It’s designed for those working in community organisations or financial wellbeing roles, providing culturally appropriate financial literacy resources for your First Nations clients and communities.


Rich Blak Women

Also known as the Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness initiative, Rich Blak Women has been developed with the vision of long-term financial prosperity and economic security for all First Nations Australian women, and intergenerational wealth transformation across First Nations families and communities.


Culture and Money

Cultural competency requires an awareness of cultural diversity and the ability to work effectively and respectfully with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. With Culture and Money Competency Training, you can accelerate your organisation’s understanding of Indigenous culture so you can embed best practice from the top down.

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