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FNF and CSI webinar on designing indigenous financial services

Our friends at the Centre for Social Impact have been running excellent, deep-dive webinars over recent months and we’re delighted that they invited our CEO, Phil Usher, to co-host one.

In September, Phil participated in the Understanding and designing Indigenous financial services, during and post-pandemics with Lynda Edwards (Financial Counselling Australia), Eveanne Liddle (NAB) and Dr Megan Weier (CSI).

We recommend you find 90 minutes and have a listen to the conversation. More than 150 people dialled in on the day.

Economies that are based on sharing and community are particularly vulnerable during times of economic disruptors – which COVID-19 has proven to be, highlighting the widespread impacts of financial vulnerability across multiple communities across Australia.

The panellists talk about specific contexts and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander financial services during and beyond COVID-19.

The webinar also focused on research completed by CSI, FNF and National Australia Bank which demonstrates that designing and delivering financial services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples needs to address barriers such as financial literacy, location, and appropriateness of services and products offered.

Webinar panellists discussed and highlighted considerations and perspectives for designing and offering services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, both in the financial sector and other social service sectors.

You can view the recording of the event, here.