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Indigenous Women's Financial Wellness

FNF's Indigenous Women's Financial Wellness (IWFW) strategy has been developed with the vision of long-term financial prosperity for all Indigenous Australian women, and intergenerational wealth transformation across Indigenous families and communities.

The Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness project has been developed to increase the economic security of Indigenous Women across Australia, particularly in relation to reduced economic security due to COVID-19. It aligns with the Foundation’s 4 strategic pillars.
Education: Through the project FNF will provide financial literacy training to 700 Indigenous women through our online My Money Dream financial literacy training program.
Community: We will build an online network of Indigenous women who can share experiences, support and empower one another towards financial independence and prosperity. Through this private Facebook group women are able to share helpful stories and experiences in a culturally safe environment, and gain access to free educational content about money management and dealing with financial stress.
Partnerships: We’re working with 5 community organisations across Australia to deliver money skills workshops to Indigenous women in their communities. Run by a female Indigenous trainer, these virtual workshops will cover a mixture of individual goal setting and budgeting activities, as well as group discussion.
Leadership: We’re proud to be one of four organisations nationally to be funded under the Federal Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program, and the only Indigenous organisation.
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