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Beyond the Gap Podcast

Conversations on Beyond the Gap aim to investigate Indigenous Australians relationships with Corporate Australia, the influences and constructs that should be considered for best practice Reconciliation Action Plans, and what is the best path forward to engage and empower our country’s First Nations people.

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simon longstaff
Episode 1 – Dr. Simon Longstaff

The essential next step for reconciliation.

david aitkin
Episode 2 – David Aitkin

Remaining connected to culture as a leader.

ian hamm
Episode 3 – Ian Hamm

Aboriginal engagement as part of organisational strategy

andrew olsen
Episode 4 – Andrew Olsen

Step-by-step reconciliation and supporting Aboriginal employees

tracy westerman
Episode 5 – Dr. Tracy Westerman

Understanding Indigenous cultural obligations in the workplace.

minister ken wyatt
Episode 6 – Minister Ken Wyatt

Drawing on Elders and leading a nation to close the gap

karen mundine
Episode 7 – Karen Mundine

Building meaningful relationships with the Aboriginal community

chris riddell
Episode 8 – Chris Riddell (BONUS)



Phil Usher, is a proud Wiradjuri man who grew up in the rich culture of the Gamilaroi people. He has taken Indigenous-led financial wellbeing NFP – First Nations Foundation – to new heights, recently launching new digital financial products for Indigenous Australians: and My Money Dream.

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