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Generous Aussies join Leasa Mann to help people pay their bills with BPAY in latest lockdowns

BPAY Group makes additional $10,000 contribution to Indigenous financial literacy program

Less than a year ago BPAY Group worked with the amazing Leasa Mann, who offered to pay the bills of anyone who was struggling with a loss of income brought on by the first lockdown – securely and anonymously through BPAY.

A year later, another lockdown has compelled Melbourne-based drag queen Leasa to restart her act of generosity, who is once again using BPAY to help pay the bills of those in need.  

Leasa started the movement of generosity in April last year and is now inspiring others in the community to start their own campaigns to help those in need.

“There’s so much uncertainty about the lockdowns across the country so it just means that the arts and entertainment industries, and people who make their living from the gig economy, are once again under financial strain because many aren’t eligible for government subsidies,” said Leasa.

“The world keeps turning and bills still need to keep getting paid, so it just seemed to be a natural progression to start the payments back up again. Last weekend we paid 10 bills amounting to $3000.”

Leasa also recently brought together 15 drag queens to donate their time and skill to do some online shows that raised over $1000 for the First Nations Foundation’s My Money Dream financial literacy training program

BPAY Group makes additional $10,000 contribution to financial literacy program

In these challenging times BPAY Group has been inspired by amazing acts of generosity such as Leasa’s, and is proud that BPAY provides the common tool that is enabling these generous Aussies to help others during lockdown in a secure, controlled and anonymous way. 

BPAY Group previously donated $40,000 to the My Money Dream financial literacy training program as part of its ‘In Your Corner’ campaign featuring Leasa Mann. It donated $1 every time someone watched its ‘Get Better at Bills with BPAY’ video tutorial.

BPAY remains ‘In Your Corner’ and will extend this generosity and donate an additional $10,000 to the First Nations Foundation, which will go towards improving the financial literacy of Indigenous Australians.

 More than 6500 Indigenous Australians have been provided with free access to financial literacy training to date.

“The donation will mean an extra 150 Indigenous Australians will get access to the 12-month program. This will help them get on the road to better financial literacy, better ways to save money, and to have future goals,” said BPAY Group CEO John Banfield.

“I’m so touched that BPAY Group is supporting the First Nations Foundation, a charity that I endorse and support,” added Leasa. “Their online financial literacy training is just such a good program – it benefits people at a grass roots level.”